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Date on which tobacco manufacturer Reynolds American announced a smoking ban in its headquarters

: 10/22/14

Number of U.S. states that observe a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and a Robert E. Lee holiday on the same day

: 3

Estimated portion of Western recruits to the Islamic State who are women

: 1/10

Number of times in the past five years that it has been

: 4

Percentage of the U.S. population that the average American says is Muslim

: 15

Years in prison a Bahraini activist faces for ripping up a photograph of the king

: 7

Estimated total amount of salary those employees received during leave

: $31,000,000

Number of times over the next thirty-five years that the adjustment was less than 2 percent

: 2

Percentage that actually is

: 1

Days a schizophrenic inmate in North Carolina was held in solitary confinement before dying of thirst last March

: 35

Amount the U.S. Navy paid the brother of a Navy intelligence official in 2012 for 349 MK-15 silencers

: $1,675,750

Total amount the silencers cost in parts and labor

: $10,000

Number of the silencers that effectively silenced weapons

: 0

Percentage of people in the European Union who say they plan to start their own business within the next year

: 4

Of people in the United States

: 15

In sub-Saharan Africa

: 35

Average number of daily U.S. airstrikes in Syria since September 23, 2014

: 7

Estimated number of people executed by the Iraqi government last year

: 60

Estimated average amount Louisiana hospitals bill patients for compiling rape kits

: $2,000

Percentage of Americans who believe economic conditions are getting worse in this country

: 54

Percentage of active U.S. physicians who are men

: 68

Number of U.S. federal employees who have been put on at least one full year of administrative leave since 2011

: 263

Date on which the Federal Reserve ended its asset-purchase program because of the economy’s “underlying strength”

: 10/29/14

Percentage of the 300 highest-paid physician-consultants to pharmaceutical and medical-device companies who are

: 90

Number of the party’s seventeen candidates who were registered under the name Darth Vader

: 5

On which former Fed chair Ben Bernanke announced that his mortgage-refinance application had been denied

: 10/2/14

Number of votes the Internet Party received in Ukraine’s parliamentary elections last fall

: 58,152

Amount paid at an October auction for a collection of Queen Victoria’s undergarments

: $11,167

Portion of U.S. women between the ages of 18 and 24 who have been stalked online

: 1/4

Year in which Congress instituted an automatic annual cost-of-living adjustment to Social Security payments

: 1975

Percentage of U.S. women who work in the restaurant industry

: 7

Average number of tidal floods in Washington, D.C., each year

: 43

Estimated portion of black U.S. men who are ineligible to vote because of a felony conviction

: 1/8

Percentage of U.S. workplace sexual-harassment claims that originate in the industry

: 37

Number projected to occur annually by 2030

: 400

Number of prison inmates per 1,000 people in China

: 1.2