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Portion of adults who think COVID-19 will change the United States for the better

: 1/5

Who say it’s acceptable to fake one’s vaccination status to keep a job

: 1/5

To eat at a restaurant

: 1/5

Percentage of restaurant workers who say the past year has taken a toll on their mental health

: 78

Chance that a small restaurant was unable to pay rent in September

: 1 in 2

Portion of U.S. households that say they have faced serious financial difficulties in recent months

: 2/5

That say they have depleted all of their savings since the pandemic started

: 1/5

Percentage of Americans who think that not having the newest iPhone is a sign of financial struggle

: 15

Portion of Americans willing to go into debt for a new iPhone

: 1/5

Percentage increase in the number of yachts sold last year

: 14

Amount by which the price of a seat on a Virgin Galactic spaceflight increased last year

: $200,000

Percentage increase in the wealth of U.S. billionaires since the start of the pandemic

: 70

Percentage increase since 2020 in the number of Americans who view the existence of billionaires as bad for the country

: 26

Portion of adults who believe that U.S. crime has increased in the past year

: 3/5

Of regular Fox News viewers who believe so

: 3/4

Percentage change in the number of major crimes in the United States in the past year

: –5

Percentage by which yakuza membership has declined in the past decade

: 63

Percentage of people killed by police between 1980 and 2018 whose death certificates list a different cause of death

: 55

Percentage by which more men died from police encounters than from testicular cancer in 2019

: 135

Factor by which the Chicago Police Department’s advertising budget is projected to increase this year

: 96

Minimum number of times Chevron has aired TV ads since June 2020 promoting itself as green or sustainable

: 26,400

Maximum percentage of Chevron’s budget spent on green technologies in the past decade

: 1

Average number of U.S. oil spills reported in the Gulf of Mexico each month

: 25

Percentage increase last year in the amount of U.S. electricity generated by coal-fired plants

: 22

Percentage of people worldwide who are “not too concerned” about climate change

: 27

Who are unwilling to make significant changes to their lives to reduce its effects

: 19

Factor by which someone born in 2020 will likely experience more river floods and droughts than someone born in 1960

: 3

By which they will likely experience more heat waves

: 7

Percentage change since 2005 in the number of teenagers who say it is a bad time to be growing up

: +65

Percentage of teenagers who say they have a good or excellent relationship with their parents

: 96

Portion of single American men who live in a parent’s home

: 3/10

Amount per month the prime minister of Spain has proposed paying adults to move out of their parents’ homes

: $292

Percentage by which single U.S. adults are less likely than those in relationships to have at least a bachelor’s degree

: 41

By which they are less likely to be employed

: 9

Percentage by which men are more likely to panic-sell their stock portfolios than women

: 15

By which those who rate their investment knowledge as “excellent” are more likely to do so than those who claim none

: 70

Estimated number of fake businesses removed from Google Maps in 2020

: 3,000,000

Minimum number of fake reviews on Google

: 107,000,000

Rank of “Google” among the most searched terms on the search engine Bing

: 1
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