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Median income of U.S. men who are single, childless, in their twenties, and live in a city

: $26,000

Portion of voters in the midterm elections who ranked “spending to create jobs” as their highest priority for Congress

: 2/5

Percentage that went to unemployment insurance

: 1

Percentage of U.S. GDP last year that went to federal job-training and job-search programs

: 0.05

Percentage increase since 2004 in the estimated median household net worth of members of Congress

: 22

Change between 1929 and 1933

: ???25.9

Percentage change in the average value of an American home since 2006

: ???25

Percentage of married men and women, respectively, who believe they control the television

: 24, 26

Chance that an unmarried American under thirty says marriage is “becoming obsolete”

: 1 in 2

Distance between the two, in miles

: 0.75

Number of times George W. Bush’s memoir refers to his loss of the 2000 popular vote

: 0

Percentage of the pedestrians stopped in 2009 for random searches in Philadelphia who were black

: 71

Percentage of the city’s population that is black

: 44

Portion of the stops that didn’t lead to an arrest

: 11/12

Miles from land and maritime borders that the U.S. Border Patrol can legally perform warrantless searches

: 100

Portion of all Americans who live within that area

: 2/3

Percentage of all Internet networks rerouted to a Chinese telecommunications company last spring

: 15

Minutes that U.S. government and military traffic passed through Chinese servers

: 18

Fine in California for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and for jaywalking, respectively

: $100, $108

Amount spent last year by the U.S. government to simulate an attack by pot growers on the nation’s second-largest dam

: $500,000

Number of licensed peyote dealers in Texas

: 3

Estimated value of the bulletproof-car market in Mexico

: $90,000,000

Average number of times a Canadian apologizes each week

: 4

In NY-16, the country’s poorest

: $17,995

Median income in NY-14, the country’s wealthiest congressional district

: $60,099

Factor by which Joe DiMaggio’s 1950 salary exceeded the mean U.S. family income

: 26

Odds today of dying there in an automobile accident

: 1 in 26,000

Odds in New York City in 1900 of dying in a horse accident

: 1 in 19,000

Chance that a mammal species declared extinct since 1500 was later rediscovered

: 1 in 3

Percentage change since 2008 in the number of confirmed gonorrhea cases in Alaska

: +71

Portion of the U.S. population that will have diabetes by 2050, if current trends continue

: 1/3

Maximum number of calories permitted under San Francisco law for restaurant meals that come with a free toy

: 600

Portion of all calories consumed by U.S. children that are nutritionally empty

: 2/5

Percentage of the fuel used to power Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer that comes from rendered beef fat

: 20

Estimated number of pigs that could be bought with the money diverted last year to congressional earmarks

: 108,200,000

Percentage who said they had an unfavorable view of Democrats

: 52
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