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Average annual salary predicted by white Americans for a worker who is described as “black”

: $29,420

Minimum number of times since 1996 that lawyers in capital cases have accidentally missed the final appeal deadline

: 80

Percentage of people living in the developing world who have a favorable view of the oil and gas industries

: 69

Who is described as “African-American”

: $37,040

Percentage of Americans who do not feel secure sharing private information over social media

: 81

Percentage increase in the annual number of polio cases in Pakistan since 2005

: 857

Portion of the hundred best-paid U.S. CEOs who earn more annually than their companies pay in federal taxes

: 1/3

Amount a Russian man was fined last October for delivering a pizza by drone

: $1,092

Percentage of electricity consumed in the United States that is generated from renewable sources

: 13

Number of days an Iranian woman spent in prison last year for attending a men’s volleyball game

: 157

Of people living in the developed world who do

: 47

Percentage of Americans and Chinese, respectively, who believe their government is “on the side of average citizens”

: 12, 80

Number of people killed by gang and drug violence in Utah since 2010

: 39

Number of reported cases in the past decade of an Antarctic fur seal having sex with a king penguin

: 4

Date on which Bob Marley’s estate announced the launch of Marley Natural, a “global cannabis brand”

: 11/18/2014

Date on which Apple’s market capitalization first exceeded that of the Russian stock market

: 8/28/2014

Number of the procedures performed by a single doctor over a ninety-minute period

: 83

Chances that a Protestant in Brazil claims to have witnessed a divine healing

: 7 in 10

Chance that an American getting married in 1960 had been married before

: 1 in 8

Estimated number of times the explosions will disturb marine mammals

: 9,600,000

That an American getting married today has been

: 1 in 4

Number of homeless people in Tokyo for every 10,000 residents

: 1

Estimated number of U.S. preschoolers who spend part of every night at a day-care facility

: 410,640

Number of explosives the U.S. Navy plans to detonate in the Pacific between now and 2018

: 260,000

Amount the beverage industry spent lobbying against the tax for every vote cast against the initiative

: $238

Amount for which a watercolor painting by Adolf Hitler was bought at auction in Germany last November

: $160,000

Amount of a tax on each ounce of soda sold in Berkeley, California, passed last year by ballot initiative

: $0.01

Number of seconds after leaving its carrier plane that Virgin Galactic’s commercial spaceship disintegrated in October

: 15

Number of women who received tubectomies last November as part of a mass sterilization drive in Bilaspur, India

: 137

Estimated number of U.S. citizens targeted for surveillance by the U.S. Postal Service in the past year

: 49,000

Amount a Canadian woman owes a Hawaii hospital after giving birth there while on vacation last year

: $850,000

Of electricity consumed in Germany

: 24

Amount for which the owner of is attempting to sell the domain name

: $2,000,000

Who believe their government is “on the side of corporations”

: 73, 17

Amount for which he sold in 2010

: $13,000,000

Number of these women who subsequently died

: 16