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Estimated amount spent on 2020 campaigns for the U.S. House of Representatives, Senate, and White House

: $14,000,000,000

Factor by which this exceeds the previous record for an election year

: 2

Estimated amount of global tax revenue lost each year to companies that incorporate in tax havens

: $245,000,000,000

To individuals who store their assets in tax havens

: $182,000,000,000

Percentage of Americans in a relationship who keep some of their money secret from their partner

: 37

Average amount of money those Americans keep secret

: $2,006

Estimated total value of federal COVID-19 loans that were paid out to fraudulent or ineligible applicants

: $71,400,000,000

Minimum number of countries that have placed restrictions on news organizations during the pandemic

: 91

Of countries where activists have reported police violence as a component of the pandemic response

: 59

Chance that an American knew someone who died of COVID-19 last year

: 1 in 2

Minimum percentage by which the U.S. birth rate is expected to fall this year

: 8

Percentage of American travelers who do not support opening their own communities to visitors

: 37

Who hesitate to travel for fear that they would not be welcome at their destinations

: 25

Percentage of Americans who plan to use their cars more often after the pandemic ends than they did before it began

: 41

Who plan to use them less often

: 10

Estimated percentage of greenhouse-gas emissions that were covered by a carbon tax or cap-and-trade system last year

: 22

Area, in square kilometers, of the hole in the ozone layer produced by the Australian wildfires last year

: 800,000

Percentage by which the smoke plumes from those fires decreased the amount of sunlight reaching Australia

: 90

Estimated amount of carbon, in metric tons, produced each year by the sending and receiving of emails

: 12,000,000

By the sending and receiving of text messages

: 7,000,000

Estimated percentage of greenhouse-gas emissions that are caused by the health care industry

: 4.6

Portion of those emissions for which the United States is responsible

: 1/4

Portion of U.S. health care facilities that regularly test their employees for COVID-19

: 1/2

Factor by which U.S. health care workers have requested leave more often since the onset of the pandemic

: 4

Percentage of U.S. doctors who have closed their practices since then

: 8

Portion of U.S. doctors and nurse clinicians who have retired early or plan to do so because of the pandemic

: 1/5

Percentage of U.S. workers over 55 who plan to delay their retirement because of the pandemic

: 13

Percentage of senior White House jobs that turned over during the Trump presidency

: 91

Percentage of those jobs that did so more than once

: 39

Chance that an outgoing senior White House employee was fired or pressured into resigning

: 1 in 4

Portion of U.S. remote employees who say they have been working harder than ever

: 7/10

Who say they have not felt as appreciated by their employer since they began working remotely

: 1/2

Percentage decrease, in the first half of 2020, in direct foreign investment in the United States

: 61

Percentage by which the American economy is expected to contract this year

: 4.3

By which the Chinese economy is expected to expand

: 1.9

Minimum number of documentaries that the Chinese government has produced about Wuhan’s response to the coronavirus

: 21

Of animated shorts

: 1

Factor by which the number of Amazon employees worldwide exceeds the population of Wyoming

: 2