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Percentage of Americans who feel they are now worse off financially than they were when Joe Biden took office

: 55

Who say Biden’s policies have hurt the economy

: 48

Who say they have not seen, read, or heard much or anything about Biden’s economic policies

: 52

Percentage by which more young people aged 16 to 29 say they fear inflation than say they fear climate change

: 9

Percentage of Americans with graduate degrees who think they will always live paycheck to paycheck

: 31

Who are not confident they will ever own a home

: 50

Who don’t think they will be able to have as many children as they want

: 55

Percentage of Americans who consider one to be the ideal number of children in a family

: 3

Who consider two to be ideal

: 44

Portion of Americans with four or more children who think two children would be ideal

: 1/4

Portion of Americans who are sleep-deprived

: 1/3

Estimated percentage change in homeschooling enrollment since 2017

: +51

In public school enrollment

: –4

Percentage of homeschooling parents who are concerned that local public schools are too liberal

: 46

Who are concerned that local public schools are too conservative

: 26

Percentage of Gen Z Americans who believe sex scenes shouldn’t be included in most movies and TV shows

: 48

Who say most people in their social circle would prefer to be single

: 56

Percentage by which young single men are more likely to identify as conservative now than in 2010

: 28

By which young single women are more likely to identify as liberal

: 57

Percentage of U.S. women who say that self-identifying as a communist is a red flag in a potential partner

: 55

That refusing to see the movie Barbie is

: 53

That owning a gun is

: 27

Percentage by which U.S. women are more likely than men to talk regularly to friends about their work

: 13

Percentage of young women who say they follow news about climate change and the environment

: 12

Percentage of young men who say they follow no news on any topic

: 15

Average number of U.S. newspapers that fold each week

: 2.5

Estimated portion of U.S. newspapers that will no longer exist by 2025

: 1/3

Percentage of U.S. counties at risk of losing their only remaining news outlet

: 7

Percentage of Americans who thought the United States should build a wall along the Mexican border in 2016

: 42

Percentage of Americans who thought the U.S. criminal justice system was not tough enough in 2020

: 41

Who think so now

: 58

Rank of the United States among countries whose permanent residents feel safest

: 52

Rank of Tajikistan

: 1
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