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Ratio of annual opioid-painkiller prescriptions in Alabama to people in the state

: 1.43:1

In which a female senator first used the Senate swimming pool

: 2008

Average rating for promptness in returning student work, out of 5, received by an online-course instructor believed to be male

: 4.4

Total number of passenger planes that have gone missing without a trace since 2000

: 10

Percentage of Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2014 primary-campaign contributions that came from the United States

: 90

Estimated minimum annual cost of fraudulent salaries paid to Iraqi “ghost soldiers”

: $380,000,000

Percentage change since 2000 in the number of Mexicans apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border

: -86

Percentage change since 2009 in the annual number of military-grade weapons purchased by the United States

: -5

Portion of Chinese trade that is not conducted in Chinese currency

: 4/5

Estimated number of traffic enforcers who wore diapers during the pope’s January visit to Manila

: 2,000

Respective rank of Great Britain and France among world leaders in G.D.P. in 2012

: 5,4

Respective rank in 2013, after Great Britain began accounting for prostitution and illegal drugs

: 4,5

Percentage of married U.S. households that are multiracial

: 7

Ratio of money spent by Britons on prostitution to that spent on hairdressing

: 1:1

Number of U.S. congressional districts in which trade with China has produced more jobs than it has cost

: 1

Number of the ten states with the highest turnout of black voters in 2008 that subsequently passed voter-I.D. laws

: 6

Percentage change since 1993 in the annual sales of vinyl records in the United States

: +2,590

Hours per day that a death-row inmate in China wears hand and ankle restraints

: 24

Percentage of African Americans who said in 2012 that gun ownership protects more people than it endangers

: 29

Estimated minimum gallons of water used annually to produce Coca-Cola products

: 8,000,000,000,000

Chance that a high-risk patient admitted to a U.S. teaching hospital for heart failure will die

: 1 in 4

Minimum number of people hospitalized in Tokyo after choking on mochi rice cakes during New Year’s celebrations

: 18

Portion of the world’s population that amount could supply with drinking water each year

: 1/4

That one admitted during a national cardiology conference will

: 1 in 6

Portion of Americans who say they would ride in driverless cars if the technology were available

: 1/2

Percentage of H.I.V.-positive Americans who are not receiving regular treatment

: 66

Year in which the first female U.S. senator took office

: 1922

Who say they would get memory chips installed in their brains

: 1/4

By an instructor who returns student work at the same time and is believed to be female

: 3.5

Date on which the first recreational-marijuana store opened in Colorado

: 1/1/14

Percentage of U.S. children in 1960 who lived in households headed by heterosexuals in their first marriage

: 73

Percentage change since that time in out-of-state undergraduate applications to the University of Colorado Boulder

: +39
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