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Percentage of U.S. workers willing to take a pay cut in exchange for the option to work from home

: 45

Portion of college seniors who hope to find a job that is hybrid or fully remote

: 3/4

Estimated percentage by which allowing for hybrid work decreases worker attrition

: 35

Percentage of supervisors who say they sometimes forget about remote workers when assigning tasks

: 32

Portion of U.S. workers who say their career ambitions have waned over the past three years

: 1/3

Estimated percentage by which a man’s being extremely competitive increases his future income

: 0

By which a man’s wife being extremely competitive increases his future income

: 10

Percentage of college seniors who are prioritizing job stability

: 74

Who are prioritizing working for a recognizable brand

: 41

Who say that because of economic anxiety they are open to industries they hadn’t previously considered

: 35

Percentage of high school students who were too sad or hopeless in 2021 to participate in regular activities

: 45

Portion of high school students who attempted suicide

: 1/10

Percentage of U.S. colleges that no longer require standardized test scores

: 82

Percentage by which the median debt for borrowers earning master’s degrees has increased since 2000

: 69

Chances that a millennial who moved in with their parents last year was charged rent

: 2 in 5

Portion of Americans who consider themselves “middle class”

: 1/2

Of Britons who consider themselves “working class”

: 3/5

Percentage of U.S. adults in households earning $100,000 or more who drink alcohol

: 80

In households earning less than $40,000

: 49

Percentage increase since 2013 in average household spending on pets

: 67

Percentage change last year in sales of digital albums

: –20

Percentage change last year in sales of romance novels

: +52

Portion of those novels written by one author

: 1/3

Portion of single Americans who say that someone has wanted to date them for their household amenities

: 1/5

Percentage of Americans who are unaware of how much they spend on subscription services each month

: 100

Factor by which the average American underestimates the total

: 4

Minimum portion of Disney+ subscribers who are adults without children

: 1/2

Percentage of toy sales that can be attributed to adults buying toys for themselves

: 14

Amount by which the number of U.S. births was expected to change in 2021 because of the pandemic

: –300,000

Factor by which the 2020 U.S. Census expanded the population threshold for areas defined as urban

: 2

Number of people whose homes were reclassified by the 2020 Census as rural rather than urban

: 4,200,000

Amount a circus paid last year to purchase a town in California

: $2,500,000

Number of cryptocurrency ATMs, per square mile, in Los Angeles

: 4

Factor by which Google searches for cryptocurrency last year exceeded those for artificial intelligence

: 3

By which searches for artificial intelligence this year have exceeded those for cryptocurrency

: 3

Cost of a baby stroller powered by artificial intelligence

: $3,800
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