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Percentage by which Biden voters are more likely than Trump voters to have read a history book in 2023

: 5

By which they are more likely to have read a young-adult novel

: 350

Percentage of U.S. voters who would be more likely to vote for a 2024 presidential candidate if Taylor Swift endorsed them

: 18

Who say that immigrants illegally entering the United States “poison the blood” of the country

: 45

Factor by which cases of children poisoned by marijuana edibles in the United States have increased since 2017

: 13

Portion of cocaine users worldwide who live in the United States

: 1/4

Percentage by which Americans working in the food-service industry are more likely than average to die of a drug overdose

: 180

By which Americans who work in construction or mining are more likely to do so

: 286

Percentage of Americans who have died by medically assisted suicide who attended college

: 72

Percentage of Americans over the age of 50 who have set aside money for long-term care

: 37

Factor by which the U.S. centenarian population is expected to increase over the next 30 years

: 4

Percentage increase since 2019 in the number of plastic-surgery procedures in the United States

: 19

Average number of minutes it takes for an American to drive to the nearest emergency room

: 17

Percentage of Americans who live within a 10-minute drive of a firearms dealer

: 88

Average annual starting salary for a new police officer in San Jose, California

: $111,000

Factor by which Americans are more likely to oppose defunding the police than to support doing so

: 5

Percentage of American adults who say their interactions with police officers in the past year were positive experiences overall

: 77

Of black American adults who say so

: 68

Percentage of American adults who believe that black people experience a great deal of discrimination today

: 34

Portion of LGBT American men who say that discrimination is a major barrier to their adopting a child from foster care

: 1/2

Percentage of American women who say getting married and having children makes women’s lives happier and more fulfilling

: 32

Percentage of American women under 30 who say this

: 24

Portion of women worldwide who experience physical pain on a daily basis

: 1/3

Portion of women worldwide who have been unable to afford shelter at times during the past year

: 1/3

Estimated number of years until the world’s first trillionaire emerges

: 10

Percentage of U.S. wealth inequality that is accounted for by inheritances

: 61

Percentage by which American adults under 35 are more likely to say their parents’ role in their lives is too small than too large

: 144

Percentage of American boys and men aged 13–39 who say that sports are interesting only if gambling is involved

: 39

Portion of internet users who believe they are living in a simulation

: 1/2

Portion of American adults under 30 who believe the Holocaust did not happen

: 1/5

Percentage of Americans who are waiting for an apology from someone in their life

: 46

Estimated percentage by which participants in workplace mental-wellness programs are more likely to report greater well-being

: 0

Percentage decrease since 2019 in the number of Americans who say that psychiatrists have high ethical standards

: 16

Factor by which the rate of retraction of academic papers has increased in the past decade

: 3.5

Percentage of Americans who know their blood type

: 51
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