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Estimated number of feet eastward that Japan’s main island was moved by March’s earthquake

: 8

Ratio of the amount of energy generated by the quake to the amount consumed by the United States each year

: 1 to 1

Percentage by which Saudi Arabia’s total oil supply might be overstated, according to leaked diplomatic cables

: 72

Confirmed number of terrorist plots against the United States perpetrated by Muslims in 2010

: 10

Rank of 2010 among the deadliest years for Afghan civilians since the war began

: 1

Minimum number of people killed by CIA drone attacks in Pakistan last year

: 607

Number of those who appeared on a U.S. list of most-wanted terrorists

: 2

Percentage of the U.S. population that served in the military during World War II

: 8.6

Amount the Defense Department spent last year on military bands

: $317,000,000

Number of midshipmen expelled from the U.S. Naval Academy since October for possessing mood-altering incense

: 11

Minimum number of man-made objects orbiting Earth

: 22,000

Estimated number of “behavior-detection officers” employed by the Transportation Security Administration

: 2,800

Estimated number of people these officers have flagged for examination under the program

: 288,600

Percentage of those examinations that led to an arrest

: 0.7

Percentage of the GDP that will be taken as federal revenue this year

: 14.8

Last year in which the percentage was this low

: 1950

Amount of federal subsidies given to the family farm of Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.) since 2001

: $154,755

Chance that a U.S. job created last year was in a low-wage industry

: 1 in 2

Percentage of voters in the 2010 midterms who were members of a union household

: 17

Percent change in U.S. labor productivity since 1972

: +114

Percent change in wages during that same period

: ???6

Percent increase in food-stamp usage in 2010

: 13

Chances that a U.S. millionaire does not “feel wealthy”

: 2 in 5

Average amount he or she believes would begin to create such a feeling

: $7,500,000

Percentage of white Americans who own stocks, bonds, or mutual funds

: 49

Percentage of households whose head is nearing retirement age that have 401(k)-type accounts

: 60

Chance that such a household has adequate savings to maintain its standard of living into retirement

: 1 in 10

Estimated amount spent by Britain’s National Health Service to outfit London ambulances for obese patients

: $341,000

Minimum amount spent in 2010 treating pet obesity in the United States

: $25,000,000

Date on which a U.S. patent was issued for a phone with which pets can call their owners

: 2/1/11

Percentage by which an American is more likely than a non-American to suffer from bipolar disorder

: 100

Number of the ten most popular prime-time television dramas that regularly feature corpses

: 8

Age of the youngest person facing life without parole in the United States

: 13

Chance that a 2009 New York City high school graduate was deemed college-ready by the state’s education department

: 1 in 4

Average salary difference between a starting New York public school teacher and a first-year private lawyer in 1970

: $2,000