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Percentage of Americans who operate doors and sinks in public restrooms with paper towels to avoid germs

: 65

Who hover over the toilet seat

: 29

Portion of global ocean currents that have sped up since 1990

: 3/4

Average percentage by which those currents have accelerated

: 10

Number of hurricane names that have been officially retired

: 89

Number of countries that are carbon-negative

: 2

Number of times that the price of an average U.S. domestic flight changes in a week

: 59

Average percentage by which the price fluctuates with each change

: 25

Minimum number of motor vehicles that crashed into non-residential buildings in the United States last year

: 20,000

Minimum number of people inside those buildings who were killed

: 500

Percentage of time that ride-hailing vehicles on Manhattan streets lack passengers

: 40

That taxis on Manhattan streets do

: 35

Estimated number of Americans who spend at least three hours commuting each day

: 4,300,000

Percentage of American commuters who “typically” use their commuting time to work

: 14

Percentage of Americans who believe that enjoying one’s career is essential to a fulfilling life for a man

: 57

Percentage of Democrats who believe that their personal finances will improve over the next year

: 60

Of Republicans who do

: 83

Percentage of Americans who say they are better off now than when President Trump took office

: 61

Who said they were better off during President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign than they were when he took office

: 45

Number of current members of the Trump Administration who have worked as Fox News contributors

: 7

Portion of Trump’s 2019 tweets that were live responses to Fox News or Fox Business programs

: 1/10

Chance that an American has received a government document in the mail that he or she didn’t understand

: 1 in 4

Percentage of Americans aged 65 and over who say it’s unlikely that they will fill out a census form

: 6

Of Americans aged 18 to 34 who say so

: 13

Rank of African Americans among demographic groups most likely to fear that census information will be used against them

: 2

Factor by which the number of physical records in the National Archives has increased since 1991

: 3

By which the number of electronic records has increased since then

: 1,654

Estimated number of years the National Archives will spend reviewing materials for George W. Bush’s presidential library

: 250

Factor by which Americans go to the library more often than they go to the movies

: 2

Percentage decrease from 2008 to 2017 in the number of full-time U.S. public school librarian positions

: 26

Percentage increase between 2014 and 2018 in health care costs for Americans with employer-sponsored health insurance

: 18

In the average retail price of prescription medicine

: 21

Average U.S. retail price for a vial of prescription insulin

: $400

Average Craigslist price for one

: $30

Estimated amount that Utah spent last year sending public employees to Mexico to buy cheaper medicine

: $250,000

Estimated number of dead-end streets in the world

: 17,680,000

Portion of those dead ends that are in the United States

: 1/4