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Year in which Japan’s population began to decline

: 2011

Percentage increase in the U.S. maternal mortality rate in the past twenty years

: 78

Percentage of U.S. population growth last year attributable to migration

: 80

Percentage increase in the past year in the number of Russians entering the United States through Mexico

: 430

Minimum number of unaccompanied minors who have entered the United States through Mexico since 2020

: 250,000

Portion of those minors with whom officials have lost contact after releasing them to sponsors

: 1/3

Estimated portion of those minors who work full-time jobs

: 2/3

Minimum percentage increase in the number of minors working in the United States since 2015

: 300

Number of U.S. state legislatures that have proposed bills since 2021 loosening restrictions on child labor

: 9

Number of weeks the median American head of household had to work to support a middle-class family in 1985

: 40

Percentage increase over the past two decades in the number of Americans over 65 in the labor force

: 132

Portion of U.S. retirees who are considering returning to work

: 1/6

Minimum portion of Chinese men over 60 who still work

: 7/10

Average percentage by which adults over 40 perceive themselves to be younger than they are

: 20

Average number of hours per week Gen Z-ers say they spend helping older colleagues locate computer files

: 8

Chances that a remote worker has worked more than one job at once in the past year

: 4 in 5

That they have been fired from a job after an employer discovered this

: 1 in 3

Portion of remote workers who say they would prefer to be laid off via an in-person meeting

: 1/2

Percentage of Americans who have lied at least once on their résumé

: 55

Portion who said they had a college degree when they did not

: 1/4

Who accepted a job offer after lying and can complete the required daily tasks without issue

: 9/10

Percentage increase since 2011 in the number of managers in the U.S. labor force

: 32

Factor by which this is more than the overall increase in U.S. workers

: 2.5

Percentage increase since 2017 in the rate at which women in senior positions are leaving their companies

: 21

Portion of Americans who say they are worse off financially today than they were last year

: 1/2

Percentage increase in total U.S. credit card debt in the past year

: 19

Percentage decrease in total U.S. home sales

: 18

Minimum number of states proposing laws to restrict foreign ownership of land

: 27

Minimum number of professional athletes who have invested in Iowa farmland

: 24

Portion of Americans who moved last year who did so for political reasons

: 1/10

Number of U.S. homes owned and occupied by single men

: 8,120,000

Percentage of American women under thirty who are single

: 34

Of American men under thirty who are

: 63

Portion of Americans who think society is less moral than it was 250 years ago

: 1/3

Than it was ten years ago

: 1/2
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