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Average amount NATO spends each week enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya

: $1,930,000

Estimated value of arms sent by NATO countries to Muammar Qaddafi since 1969

: $10,000,000,000

Minimum amount Qaddafi held in U.S. banks at the time his assets were frozen in February

: $29,700,000,000

Percentage of Americans in 2009 who believed the free market “is the best system on which to base the future of the world”

: 74

Percentage of Americans who believe so today

: 59

Percentage of Chinese who do

: 67

Minimum number of journalists imprisoned without charges by the U.S. military between 2004 and 2010

: 14

Amount of “blood money” reportedly paid to the families of two Pakistanis killed by a CIA contractor in January

: $2,340,000

Number of homes whose mortgages a U.S. advertising firm offered to pay in exchange for converting the homes to billboards

: 10

Number of applications the firm received in the first week after making the offer

: 11,575

Percentage of Republicans who said in March that they fear that ACORN will steal the 2012 election for Obama

: 25

Number of Congress members who gave up some portion of their 2010 salary for federal debt reduction

: 3

Number of seconds it takes for the federal debt to grow by that amount

: 0.34

Date on which Standard & Poor’s revised its U.S. debt outlook to “negative”

: 4/18/2011

Number of times it has previously been anything other than “stable”

: 0

Amount of federal money that went to National Public Radio in 2010

: $2,700,000

To Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University

: $446,000,000

Percentage by which young adults with high religious participation are more likely than their peers to become obese

: 50

Number of Germans who left the Catholic faith last year

: 180,000

Date on which National Front leader Marine Le Pen compared Islam in France to the Nazi occupation

: 12/10/2010

Percentage of French people who said they “approved” of the comparison

: 39

Amount a Liechtenstein marketing agency charges for fifty people to “rent” the nation for one night

: $20,000

Minimum hours that Armenia went without Internet after a Georgian woman cut a cable while scavenging for copper

: 5

Number of people added to India’s population in the past decade

: 181,000,000

Number of free condoms handed out by the Brazilian government in advance of Carnival this year

: 84,740,000

Price for a six-pack of Hotshots, a brand of extra-small Swiss condoms made for adolescent boys

: $8.79

Chance that a teenage girl in America has a sexually transmitted infection

: 1 in 4

Average age at which women consider themselves “old,” according to a study by a British funeral planning company

: 29

Percentage of men who said they would start feeling old when music sounded too loud in bars

: 22

Chances that a convict will be granted parole if his case comes up right after a judge has had breakfast

: 7 in 10

Minimum number of female employees party to a sex-discrimination class-action lawsuit against Walmart

: 1,500,000

Percentage change in domestic violence when the local NFL team unexpectedly loses a game

: +10

When it loses to a traditional rival

: +20

Base hit awarded for each misdemeanor arrest in the Bell County, California, police department’s “baseball game”

: double