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Rank of the sale among the largest arms deals since the end of the Cold War

: 1

Percentage of private-sector workers in Saudi Arabia who are Saudi

: 10

Amount of cash taken out of Afghanistan through Kabul International Airport last year

: $4,600,000,000

Date by which Iran plans to send a monkey into space, according to state-run media

: 8/31/2012

Date on which the Iraqi government announced its efforts to “eliminate the ’emo’ phenomenon” in Baghdad

: 2/13/2012

Minimum number of Iraqi teenagers killed for having an “emo style” since then

: 42

Percentage of African countries in which it is illegal to practice homosexuality

: 69

Cost of the 154 F-15SA fighter jets sold by the United States to Saudi Arabia last year

: $29,400,000,000

Number of U.S. churches sold out of foreclosure in 2011

: 138

Number about the political violence in Mali during the same time

: 3

Rank of this number among the highest on record

: 1

Percentage of all U.S. divorces in which both parties were over the age of fifty in 1990

: 10

Percentage change since 1970 in the marriage rate of U.S. women between the ages of thirty and fifty

: ???20

Of U.S. women between thirty and fifty who are in the top 2.5 percent of earners

: +12

Chance that a married U.S. couple is supported by the husband alone

: 1 in 7

Earnings by the average woman for every dollar earned by the average man among part-time workers

: $1.04

Among full-time workers

: $0.82

Percentage by which a woman is more likely than a man to be killed in an identical traffic accident

: 28

Year in which the federal government began using crash-test dummies modeled on female proportions

: 2010

Number of employees in the Assistant Supervisors of Street Maintenance Association, Detroit’s pothole-repair crew union

: 1

Total change in U.S. household spending on gasoline in 2010

: +$18,188,000,000

On all other forms of household energy

: ???$502,000,000

Number of articles about Mad Men on the Washington Post‘s website in the month before the show’s 2012 season premiere

: 45

Amount of venture capital invested in education start-ups in 2007

: $77,920,000

Estimated number of Americans carrying student-loan debt in excess of $200,000

: 167,000

Of Americans thirty-five and younger

: ???68

Percentage change in the past twenty-five years in the net worth of Americans sixty-five and older

: +42

Factor by which the World Health Organization expects the number of people suffering from dementia to increase by 2050

: 3

Average size of the actual prizes the group had won

: $18

Number of Denmark residents told by the Danish lottery in January that they’d won at least $3.5 billion

: 133

Percentage of worldwide data theft last year that was tied to political activism

: 58

Minimum amount Papa John’s Pizza gave the state of Maryland to commemorate the War of 1812

: $1,000,000

Date on which Wyoming introduced a bill to create a “continuity” plan in the event of a federal collapse

: 2/16/2012

Number of inmates in federal prison for drug convictions, per 100,000 U.S. adults, in 1987

: 6.8

Percentage change in the crime rate, from 2000 to 2010, in U.S. states whose prison populations grew by at least 10 percent

: ???17

Number of nations that used the death penalty in 2001 and 2011, respectively

: 31, 20
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