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Percentage of number-one pop songs that credited a single songwriter in 1990

: 40

Percentage by which the average length of a hit single has decreased since 1990

: 24

Portion of jobs in California’s arts and culture industry that have been lost during the pandemic

: 1/2

Of jobs in New York City’s arts and culture industry

: 2/3

Percentage change in the value of the global art and antiques market last year

: –22

In the value of the NFT market during the first quarter of this year

: +2,053

Percentage of Republicans who held negative opinions of technology companies in 2019

: 37

Minimum number of former Justice Department officials hired by Amazon in the past ten years

: 13

Of former Defense Department officials

: 69

Percentage by which judges who are former corporate lawyers are less likely to side with workers in labor disputes

: 43

By which judges who are former prosecutors are less likely to do so

: 56

Portion of appellate judges who were formerly prosecutors or corporate lawyers

: 7/10

Number of U.S. workers who were projected, before the pandemic, to be displaced by automation by 2030

: 36,900,000

Who are now projected to be

: 45,300,000

Percentage of Swiss voters who supported a March initiative to ban women from wearing niqabs or burqas in public

: 51

Estimated number of Swiss women who wear niqabs

: 30

Number of U.S. state legislatures that are considering new voting restrictions

: 47

Number of such bills being considered

: 361

Average percentage by which the rate of police killings in a U.S. city decreases one year after its first Black Lives Matter protest

: 14

Five years after its first Black Lives Matter protest

: 30

Percentage of Democratic or Democratic-leaning voters who are “extremely concerned” about Trump supporters

: 82

Who are “extremely concerned” about voter suppression

: 53

Estimated percentage by which the option to vote by mail increased voter turnout in Texas last year

: 0.02

Amount by which utility deregulation has increased electricity costs for Texans since 2004

: $28,000,000,000

By which electricity providers overcharged Texans during February’s winter storm

: $16,000,000,000

Percentage of U.S. electric-­car owners who are concerned about being able to charge their vehicles on the road

: 47

Portion of U.S. electric-­car charging outlets that are in California

: 1/3

That support only Tesla vehicles

: 1/5

Percentage by which streaming video in standard rather than high definition reduces its carbon footprint

: 86

By which turning off the camera during a Zoom call reduces its carbon footprint

: 96

Minimum number of state governments that are funding efforts to modify the weather with cloud seeding

: 6

Number by which the sperm count of the average human male is declining each year

: 5,000,000

Year in which human sperm counts will reach zero at the current rate

: 2045

Percentage decrease in the projected number of U.S. births this year

: 8

Percentage of single Americans who say they are masturbating more than once a day

: 30

Who say they are masturbating more than ever before

: 48
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