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With the name Barack

: 1

Number of people other than President Obama with the name Hussein to have entered the White House since 2010

: 37

Ratio of Mexican immigrants entering the United States to those returning to Mexico between 2005 and 2010

: 1:1

Minimum amount Georgia has lost in fruit and vegetable sales since the passage of a 2011 anti-immigration law

: $75,000,000

Minimum amount the loss of bats will cost U.S. farmers in pest-control this year

: $3,700,000,000

Estimated number of bats killed by white-nose syndrome since 2006

: 1,000,000

Factor by which the rate of dolphin death during this period exceeds the average

: 4

Number of dolphins found dead in the Gulf of Mexico since BP’s 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill

: 496

Number of the 30 occupations with the largest projected job growth over the next decade that require a college degree

: 4

As waiters or bartenders

: 216,000

Number of college graduates currently working as astronomers, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, or Web developers

: 216,000

Percentage of students from families making more than $100,000 annually who attended a community college last year

: 22

Number of families receiving federal cash assistance for every 100 families with children living in poverty in 1996

: 68

Percentage of independent political spending on television advertising in the past year that came from anonymous donors

: 91

Number of articles retracted from scientific journals in 2000

: 3

Months after South Sudan became a nation that Sudan’s parliament declared it an “enemy”

: 9

Estimated length in seconds of the sentence Pakistani prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani served for contempt in April

: 37

Length in days of the sentence Russian blogger Alexei Navalny served for leading an opposition rally last year

: 15

Percentage of Russians who say they do not use the Internet

: 45

Number of workdays it would take the average American to read the privacy policy of every website he or she visits each year

: 30

Number of companies listed on the NASDAQ in 1999 that had “.com” in their names

: 120

Factor by which a religious website is more likely than a pornographic site to infect a computer with malware

: 3

Rank of the current U.S. teen pregnancy rate among the lowest on record

: 1

Estimated portion of sexually explicit text messages that are sent to the wrong number

: 1/10

Amount the NEA allocated in 2012 for a Henry David Thoreau-themed video game

: $40,000

Portion of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza who have bank accounts

: 1/5

Minimum number of Palestinians being preemptively detained without trial by the Israeli government

: 308

Estimated minimum number of North Koreans living in secret government gulags

: 150,000

Percentage of American households made up of just one person in 1950

: 9.3

Percentage of New York City suicides that are subway-related

: 7

Number of the 100 largest U.S. cities that have female mayors

: 12

Number of native-born Italians living in Manhattan’s Little Italy, according to the 2010 Census

: 0

Portion of Mexican labor migrants leaving the United States in that period who said they would not return

: 1/5
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