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Factor by which users of marijuana edibles are more likely to require emergency care than marijuana smokers

: 33

Percentage of U.S. adults who admit to shopping while drunk

: 26

Average amount those adults spend annually on purchases made while drunk

: $736

Estimated value of drunk shopping to the U.S. economy each year

: $39,400,000,000

Number of U.S. retail stores that closed last year

: 5,854

That closed through the first four months of this year

: 6,105

Average number of hours an American spent sitting each day in 2007

: 5.5

Portion of high school athletes who receive college athletic scholarships

: 1/50

Of high school athletes’ parents who think their child will receive one

: 1/2

Percentage of Americans who report experiencing stress during “a lot of” the previous day

: 55

Of the global population

: 35

Number of economic downturns that have occurred worldwide since 1988

: 469

Number that were predicted by IMF economists more than four months before they began

: 4

Portion of Generation Z members who believe they should be promoted during their first year on the job

: 3/4

Estimated percentage accuracy with which I.B.M. claims its A.I. can predict which of its employees will quit within six months

: 95

Number of U.S. counties in which a full-time worker making minimum wage can afford a one-bedroom apartment

: 22

In which that worker can afford a two-bedroom apartment

: 0

Percentage by which a same-sex couple is more likely to be denied a home loan than other couples

: 73

Factor by which the share of U.S. men under 30 who have not had sex in the past year has increased since 2008

: 3

Percentage of dreams that involve sex

: 8

Factor by which men are more likely than women to have sexual dreams involving multiple partners

: 2

By which women are more likely than men to have sexual dreams about a public figure

: 2

Percentage by which someone is more likely to make a false confession if they are sleep deprived

: 177

Percentage by which a person detained for a crime is more likely to be convicted if he or she cannot make bail

: 14

Amount in bail for which a woman in Texas was being held this year on a felony theft charge

: $12,000

Amount the IRS awarded to people who reported tax cheats last year

: $312,207,590

Factor by which this amount exceeded the previous record, set in 2012

: 2.5

Value of a fine levied against gossipers in a neighborhood of the Philippine town of Binalonan

: $5.77

Estimated percentage of New York City police officers who have received tickets for speeding or running red lights

: 59

Of New York City drivers in general

: 36

Minimum number of ride-sharing apps specifically designed to chauffeur children

: 7

Minimum number of screen-time and parental-control apps that Apple has removed or restricted in the past year

: 18

Number of users who are learning High Valyrian, a language from Game of Thrones, on the Duolingo app or website

: 961,000

Who are learning Hebrew

: 843,000

Percentage of Republican or Republican-leaning whites who are bothered by hearing a non-English language in public

: 47

Of Democratic or Democratic-leaning whites

: 18

Number of times the brand name FUCT was said aloud during Supreme Court arguments about its trademark status

: 0
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