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Percentage increase last year in UFO sightings nationwide

: 16

Maximum percentage by which satellite traffic has been observed to brighten the night sky

: 10

Number of states in which a majority of residents support daylight saving time

: 0

Minimum number of complaints the BBC received for excessive coverage of Prince Philip’s death

: 110,000

Rank of that coverage among the most complained-about programming in BBC history

: 1

Percentage of regular videoconference attendees who report experiencing Zoom fatigue

: 53

Percentage of women with Zoom fatigue who ascribe it partly to an increased focus on their own image

: 57

Of men with Zoom fatigue who do so

: 35

Portion of emoji users who wish they had more options to reflect their personal appearance and identity

: 3/5

Who think emojis are an important tool for creating “unity, respect, and understanding”

: 3/4

Percentage change since 1953 in the frequency with which the Supreme Court rules in favor of religious rights

: +76

Percentage of judges who have ruled in federal cases to allow religious gatherings despite COVID-19 restrictions

: 38

Of Republican-appointed judges who have done so

: 66

Percentage of adults with seasonal allergies who experience fewer symptoms if they regularly wear a surgical mask

: 36

Estimated number of face masks that entered the ocean last year

: 1,560,000,000

Factor by which the amount of energy polar bears must expend to survive has increased because of the loss of arctic ice

: 4

Portion of Wisconsin’s wolf population that was killed during a sixty-hour hunting period this year

: 1/5

Percentage of the earth’s land on which humans have not caused species loss

: 3

Number of trees lost each year as a result of the consumption habits of the average person in China

: 0.5

Portion of commercial air travel emissions caused by the most frequent 1 percent of fliers

: 1/2

Average portion of the global population that does not fly in a given year

: 9/10

Percentage of Americans who believe that climate change is causing home values in their area to decline

: 21

Number of homes for sale in the United States this spring

: 1,070,000

Minimum number of real estate agents in the United States this spring

: 1,463,806

Percentage of professors at top-ranked universities whose parents earned PhDs

: 30

Estimated factor by which a professor is more likely than a member of the general public to have a parent with a PhD

: 25

Percentage by which liberals are more likely than conservatives to participate in medical research

: 16

Estimated percentage by which the UberX service has increased binge drinking among Americans aged 21 to 34

: 10

Minimum portion of the U.S. rental-car fleet that has been sold off during the pandemic

: 1/4

Percentage of federal tax revenue accounted for by corporate taxes in 1969

: 22

Number of Fortune 500 companies that paid no federal taxes last year

: 40

Estimated percentage of earnings that the top 1 percent of U.S. earners do not disclose to the IRS

: 21

Amount of lost revenue this represents each year

: $175,000,000

Portion of Americans who think life is fair

: 1/3

Percentage of conversations that end when both parties want them to

: 2

Percentage by which the length of the average conversation differs from the desired length

: 50
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