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Portion of Republicans who believe high-level Democrats run a child sex-trafficking ring

: 1/2

Of Democrats who believe this

: 1/5

Portion of Americans who think Putin is doing a better job as head of state than Biden

: 1/10

Percentage by which Republicans were more likely than Democrats to view Russia as a major threat in 2008

: 28

By which Democrats are more likely than Republicans to do so now

: 8

Percentage by which Democrats are more likely than Republicans to have their phone bills paid by their parents

: 60

Chance that an American aged 18 to 41 learned to do laundry from social media

: 1 in 5

Percentage by which vaccinated Americans are more likely than the unvaccinated to use social media as a news source

: 17

By which Biden supporters are more likely than Trump supporters to do so

: 24

Percentage by which men are more likely than women to view NPR as untrustworthy

: 50

By which they are more likely to view the Weather Channel as untrustworthy

: 75

Percentage by which men are more likely than women to want their lives documented by a biographer

: 23

Factor by which women with children under five have increased their alcohol consumption since the start of the pandemic

: 4

Percentage change in the number of alcohol-related deaths among women in the past two decades

: 157

Percentage of Americans who believe calories from alcohol are different from other calories

: 53

Percentage of the global population that has a headache on any given day

: 16

Estimated portion of cannabis sales in Colorado last year that were illicit

: 1/5

Of cannabis sales in California that were

: 7/10

Percentage by which residents of states where marijuana is legal are more likely to have tried it

: 0

Percentage decrease in drug use among U.S. teenagers since 2019

: 40

Percentage increase in adult fiction sales this year that can be attributed to TikTok

: 73

Maximum portion of American parents who would give up social media to see their kids more

: 1/4

Percentage by which employees spend more time in meetings now than they did before the pandemic

: 250

By which the average workday has lengthened

: 13

By which after-hours work has increased

: 28

Portion of Americans who are unable to name all of their grandparents

: 1/2

Of Philadelphians who are unable to

: 3/4

Average age at which U.S. adults think you turn into your parents

: 32.5

Of coupled Americans who try to annoy their partners by claiming they are turning into their parents

: 84

Portion of U.S. adults who say that their ideal relationship is non-monogamous

: 1/3

Estimated percentage of the U.S. population whose IQ has declined because of exposure to leaded gasoline

: 59

Portion of U.S. community water systems that contain unsafe levels of uranium

: 1/2

Percentage of recent American home buyers who regret their choice of location

: 22

Percentage of Americans who believe it would be better for the environment if houses were built farther apart

: 75

Percentage by which the carbon footprint of a New Yorker is lower than that of the average American

: 68

Percentage by which people who say they have a purpose in life are less likely to develop dementia

: 19

Average amount that American Catholics or Protestants would pay a stranger to pray on their behalf

: $2.34

That non-believers would pay to avoid being prayed for

: $1.56

Percentage of Americans who say they are actively trying to avoid turning into their parents

: 42