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Chance that an American believes the country is still in a recession or depression

: 1 in 2

Estimated percentage change in chief executive pay at America’s publicly traded corporations in 2010

: +11

Factor by which the likelihood that a father will spank his child increases if the father is depressed

: 4

By which women find proud men more attractive than happy men, according to a June study

: 3

By which men find happy women more attractive than proud women

: 5

Percentage by which a couple is likelier to divorce if one partner has a commute greater than 45 minutes

: 40

Percentage change in the number of unmarried cohabitating couples in the United States between 2000 and 2010

: +97

Percentage of men and women, respectively, who have been photographed nude, according to a June Playboy poll

: 27, 23

Change since 1960 in calories expended during the average workday of an American man and woman, respectively

: ???140, ???120

Percent that working mothers “give” to their employers, according to Donald Trump

: 84

Portion of employers who say they conduct criminal-background checks on potential employees

: 3/4

Chance that an American adult has a criminal record

: 1 in 4

Chance that a U.S. man who has been incarcerated will make it out of the bottom economic quintile within 20 years

: 1 in 50

That a man who was never incarcerated will

: 1 in 7

Number of Americans serving life without parole for crimes they committed when they were 14 or younger

: 73

Percentage change in the number of U.S. whites under the age of 18 in the past decade

: ???9.8

Percentage of applicants offered undergraduate admission to Harvard this year

: 6.2

Percentage of applicants accepted for employment on McDonald’s National Hiring Day in April

: 6.2

Estimated percentage of the U.S. college class of 2011 who are moving back home after graduation

: 85

Chance that a student in Berlin “could imagine doing sex work” to pay for school

: 1 in 3

Average hourly rate he or she imagines charging

: $1,300

Members of Malaysia’s Obedient Wives Club, which encourages women to be “good sex workers” to their husbands

: 1,050

Percentage of Americans who believe Osama bin Laden was greeted by 72 virgins in heaven, according to a Fox News survey

: 3

Percentage who believe he met a “more negative end”

: 80

Estimated percentage of Afghanistan’s gross national product that comes from U.S. aid and other foreign sources

: 97

Percentage of Egyptians who say that improving economic conditions is “very important”

: 82

Who say that honest elections are

: 55

Minimum number of punches thrown during a December brawl in the Ukrainian parliament

: 12

Amount the Chinese government is paying to create the Robert Mugabe School of Intelligence in Zimbabwe

: $98,000,000

Minimum number of goose- and gull-chasing falcons laid off by John F. Kennedy Airport last year

: 15

Percentage decrease in tweets by U.S. elected officials in the week following “Weinergate”

: 28

Rank of “Don’t Know,” “None,” and “Bill O’Reilly,” respectively, among America’s most trusted political journalists

: 1, 2, 3

Value of state tax breaks approved in May for a Bible-themed amusement park in Kentucky

: $43,000,000

Average percentage by which the French overestimate the Jewish population of France

: 655

Percentage of French people who call themselves “somewhat or a little bit” racist

: 13

Centimeters by which an electron falls short of being perfectly round

: 0.000000000000000000000000001