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Chance that an op-ed in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or Washington Post is written by a woman

: 1 in 5

Percentage of quotations about birth control in election coverage by major U.S. newspapers attributed to men

: 75

Of quotations about abortion

: 81

Amount at which the average college-educated man’s annual salary maxes out, at age forty-eight

: $95,000

At which the average college-educated woman’s does, at age thirty-nine

: $60,000

Damages awarded in June to an Oregon woman who contracted herpes from a man she met through online dating

: $900,000

Estimated number of indecency complaints currently in the Federal Communication Commission’s backlog

: 1,500,000

Chances a Republican believes today that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction at the time of the 2003 invasion

: 2 in 3

Amount paid at auction in June for one of Annie Oakley’s guns

: $143,400

Percentage increase last year in the number of people killed by police officers in Los Angeles County

: 69

Estimated portion of the U.S. prison population that is held in solitary confinement

: 1/27

Estimated portion of prison suicides that are committed by inmates in solitary

: 1/2

Chances that a “stand your ground” defense in Florida is successful when a black person is killed

: 3 in 4

When a white person is killed

: 2 in 3

Percentage change since 1970 in the share of metropolitan American families residing in affluent neighborhoods

: +121

Percentage of its GDP the United States has spent on transportation infrastructure since 1970

: 1.6

Rank of that percentage among the lowest of any developed nation

: 1

Amount for which the New York MTA leased naming rights to an Atlantic Avenue subway station

: $4,000,000

Estimated portion of U.S. energy consumption that is attributable to the building sector

: 1/2

Percentage of American farms that are family run

: 97.7

Number of people who applied in May for 877 job openings at a Hyundai plant in Alabama

: 26,942

Percentage of U.S. households that are headed by millionaires

: 4.3

Of Singaporean households

: 17.1

Rank of Finland among European countries in which children spend the fewest hours in class

: 1

Rank of its students among the best performing in Europe

: 1

Factor by which the Polish population of Loecknitz, Germany, has increased since Poland joined the E.U. in 2004

: 33

Percentage of American workers who are immigrants

: 16

Percentage of American small business owners who are

: 18

Amount ING paid to settle federal charges it moved funds through the U.S. for Cuban and Iranian customers

: $619,000,000

Estimated portion of Colombian cocaine revenue that is laundered through banks in First World countries

: 9/10

Ratio of the number of genes in microorganisms inhabiting the human nostril to the number in the human genome

: 168:1

Average number of eggs a bedbug will lay after feeding on “clean” human blood

: 44

After feeding on blood with an alcohol content of 0.10

: 12

Number of human brains compromised after a freezer failure at the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center

: 147

Minimum gigabytes of data stored in a typical gram of human feces

: 10,000,000

Number of plastic spoons Northern Ireland stockpiled as part of a recently declassified plan to prepare for nuclear war

: 58,292