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Minimum amount the U.S. government spent funding anti–Hugo Chávez rock songs while he led Venezuela

: $22,970

Rank of 2019 among years with the highest worldwide spending on nuclear weapons

: 1

Percentage by which the United States spent more than the second-highest spender

: 70

Number of National Guard members on active duty in the United States on June 1, 2020

: 66,700

On active duty abroad on the same day

: 28,300

Minimum number of cities in which the Department of Homeland Security has used aerial surveillance at protests this year

: 15

Minimum hours of surveillance footage that it has logged

: 270

Number of police departments in the twenty largest U.S. cities whose use-of-force policies meet UN human-rights standards

: 0

Total value of surplus military equipment distributed to U.S. police departments under the Trump Administration

: $964,962,803

Of “extreme cold-weather parkas” distributed to the LAPD

: $27,161

Minimum number of police killings since 2010 in which restrained victims told officers they couldn’t breathe

: 32

Number of those incidents that resulted in criminal charges against the officers

: 5

Number of those cases in which charges were not eventually dropped

: 2

Percentage of time on duty that U.S. police officers devote to violent crime

: 4

Number of leading U.S. state health officials who have resigned, retired, or been fired during the COVID-19 pandemic

: 34

Number of coronavirus-related academic studies that have been retracted since the outbreak

: 22

Estimated months of education progress, on average, expected to be lost by K-12 students who began remote learning this year

: 7

Percentage of U.S. rural school districts that did not require any instruction after schools closed

: 53

Percentage of city-dwelling Americans who have considered moving somewhere less dense since the pandemic began

: 39

Portion of Americans aged 18 to 29 who have moved because of the coronavirus

: 1/10

Percentage increase since February in the number of American Jews who have applied to emigrate to Israel

: 64

Chance that a Canadian sees the United States as “unfriendly” or “an enemy”

: 1 in 5

Estimated amount that the United States will lose this year in tourism revenue

: $550,000,000,000

That the United States will lose even if all Americans’ tourist dollars are spent domestically

: $52,000,000,000

That China will gain if its tourist dollars are spent domestically

: $238,000,000,000

Amount per traveler by which Japan plans on subsidizing domestic vacations as part of economic recovery efforts

: $187

Amount that a tourist to Iceland can pay to skip a government-mandated COVID-19 quarantine protocol

: $65

Minimum number of U.S. climate-change infrastructure projects that have been delayed or canceled because of COVID-19

: 13

Portion of Europeans aged 16 to 29 who think authoritarian states are better equipped to handle climate change than democracies

: 1/2

Portion of people living in democracies who believe their governments are not democratic

: 2/5

Percentage of transgender Americans who don’t have the identification required to vote

: 42

Percentage of registered Democrats who believe that voting by mail increases the risk of voter fraud

: 21

Of registered Republicans

: 69

Average number of times per day that Donald Trump tweeted in 2017

: 7

Percentage of Americans who want Trump to tweet more frequently

: 3

Rank of May 29–June 4 among weeks that researchers determined to be the “saddest” on Twitter

: 1

Minimum number of seafarers who have been stranded offshore since pandemic lockdown measures began

: 200,000
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