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Number of years by which the median American’s age has increased since 1980

: 9

Percentage decrease since 2000 in the average global fertility rate

: 15

Percentage of Americans 65 and older who believe their life advice should be compiled into a book

: 41

Portion of Americans 65 and older who have used a dating app

: 1/4

Who use social media every day

: 2/3

Percentage by which people who are frequently lonely are at greater risk of premature death

: 60

Percentage by which Europeans report less engagement at work than Americans

: 62

By which Europeans report less stress than Americans

: 26

Percentage of American adults who claim they have no secrets

: 11

Factor by which those 65 and older are more likely than those under 30 to claim this

: 3

Portion of Gen Z-ers who support the government installation of surveillance cameras in households to prevent crime

: 3/10

Percentage change since 1995 in support for the FBI among Republicans

: −65

Portion of first-time U.S. gun buyers during the pandemic who were women

: 1/2

Minimum number of children newly exposed to guns at home since the start of the pandemic

: 3,000,000

Portion of Americans who apologize for something out of their control at least once a day

: 1/4

Percentage by which those who attend religious services weekly are more likely to do so

: 72

Estimated percentage decrease this year in U.S. sales of engagement rings

: 9

Percentage of physicians and surgeons who marry partners with the same profession

: 19

Portion of firefighters who are married to registered nurses

: 1/10

Minimum number of Americans who donate their bodies to science each year

: 11,045

Percentage of Americans who die in a manner that allows for organ donation

: 0.3

Percentage by which women are more likely than men to be registered as organ donors

: 22

By which Republicans are more likely than Democrats

: 24

Percentage of patient advocacy groups that receive funding from pharmaceutical companies

: 83

Portion of patient advocacy groups that have a pharmaceutical executive on their board

: 1/3

Date on which the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved the production and sale of lab-grown poultry

: 6/21/23

Number of other countries worldwide that have approved the sale of lab-grown meat

: 1

Estimated value of the lab-grown meat industry in the United States

: $247,000,000

Percentage by which full-service restaurants are operating with fewer hourly employees than in 2019

: 7

Percentage of consumers who say they are frustrated by the lack of staff

: 42

Percentage of Americans who are comfortable with AI helping restaurants take orders

: 60

With AI writing scripts for movies or TV shows

: 45

Writing news articles

: 34

Percentage change in net income at the largest U.S. entertainment companies since 2013

: −89
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