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Portion of Japanese Americans who support the Democratic Party

: 2/3

Of Vietnamese Americans who do

: 1/3

Portion of Catholic Latinos in the Northeast who support the Democratic Party

: 9/10

Of Protestant Latinos in the South who do

: 1/2

Percentage of Democrats who say we should support Ukraine in the war against Russia for “as long as it takes”

: 68

Minimum number of fake Twitter accounts operated by the U.S. military that have been suspended since 2012

: 170

Percentage of those accounts that had fewer than one thousand followers

: 81

Chances that a registered voter thinks mainstream media is a “major threat” to democracy

: 3 in 5

Portion of working parents who say their pay has not kept pace with inflation

: 7/10

Of working adults who say they have moved to an area with a lower cost of living to cut expenses

: 1/5

Portion of Europeans who are cutting back on essentials like food and heat to save money

: 3/5

Who are relying on savings or loans to pay their bills

: 1/3

Number of hours by which the amount of work per month needed to afford the typical U.S. rent has risen in the past two years

: 8

Percentage of workers who have looked for a second job because of inflation

: 38

Who plan to do so

: 14

Percentage increase since 2019 in Google searches for plausible reasons to skip work

: 824

In the number of bird watchers in the United States

: 16

Percentage by which men are more likely than women to sexually harass a boss of the opposite sex

: 44

By which men are more likely than women to say they use sex appeal to get what they want in the workplace

: 10

Percentage increase since 2019 in the number of employer reviews on Glassdoor that cite “boundaries”

: 30

Portion of those reviews that are negative

: 3/4

Portion of Americans who say they have been bullied at work

: 1/3

Percentage increase since 2010 in the number of computer science bachelor’s degrees awarded to U.S. undergraduates

: 144

Average number of minutes per workday that programmers spend writing code

: 52

Percentage of code generated last year that the average programmer copied and pasted from another source

: 14

Portion of U.S. eighth graders who are proficient or above in math

: 26

Percentage by which that represents a decrease since 2019

: 24

Portion of Americans who say their brains “shut down” when they encounter any form of data

: 3/10

Minimum percentage of Americans who say they’ve had a paranormal experience

: 67

Who say this experience involved “smelling an unexplained odor”

: 30

Who say they have the ability to psychically sense others’ emotions or auras

: 24

Percentage of U.S. homeowners who believe their homes are haunted

: 49

Of Gen Z homeowners who believe this

: 65

Number of states in which sellers must respond truthfully if asked whether a murder has occurred in a home

: 9

If asked whether a home is haunted

: 1
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