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Portion of local U.S. parks that saw an increase in visitors this spring

: 2/3

Portion of U.S. parks-and-recreation agencies that have been asked to reduce spending this fiscal year

: 2/3

Percentage of dust particles in U.S. national parks that are plastic

: 4

Factor by which the annual amount of plastic pollution accumulating in bodies of water is expected to increase by 2040

: 2.6

By which the amount accumulating on land is expected to increase

: 2.8

Approximate number of square miles that have been lost from the Louisiana coast in the past one hundred years

: 2,000

Estimated percentage change by 2100 in the mortality rate in Accra, Ghana, as a result of temperature-related deaths

: +19

Percentage by which the population of the average wildlife species has declined globally since 1970

: 68

In Latin America and the Caribbean

: 94

Rank of deforestation among the causes of wildlife decline on land

: 1

Estimated number of animals that have been killed or displaced by Australian wildfires over the past two years

: 3,000,000,000

Estimated percentage of wildland firefighters in California who are prisoners

: 14

Percentage by which the U.S. prison population has dropped since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic

: 8

Portion of its viewership that the cable channel A&E lost after canceling Live PD in the wake of George Floyd’s killing

: 1/2

Percentage increase in police stops of black drivers in the month after a Trump rally was held in a given area in 2016

: 4.2

Estimated number of stops for which this accounted

: 30,000

Percentage of black Americans who wish police officers would spend less time in their neighborhoods

: 19

Who wish they would spend more

: 20

Percentage decrease in the length of the average work meeting since the onset of the pandemic

: 20

Percentage by which employees in open-plan offices took more sick leave than those in private offices before COVID-19

: 62

Percentage by which the unemployment rate of recently graduated U.S. physics majors exceeds that of art history majors

: 60

Estimated amount that South Korea was willing to spend to save a single life in the first phase of the pandemic

: $6,682,000

That the United States was willing to spend

: $87,000

Number of Americans who have become billionaires over the course of the pandemic

: 24

Average factor by which countries led by men have had more COVID-19 deaths than countries led by women

: 1.9

Portion of U.S. adults who think it is probably or definitely true that the outbreak was planned by “powerful people”

: 1/4

Percentage by which women are more likely than men to see some truth in the theory

: 38

Factor by which mainstream newspapers cite organizations that oppose climate action more often than those that support it

: 2

Portion of Americans who admit to not relying on the news sources they regard as the most trustworthy

: 1/3

Percentage by which Republicans are less likely than Democrats to say that health officials are handling the pandemic well

: 24

By which they were more likely than Democrats to say so in March

: 14

Portion of Americans who have yet to complete a census form who say they would refuse to answer the door for a census worker

: 2/5

Percentage of eligible U.S. voters who do not have a government-issued photo ID

: 11

Minimum amount that five states have spent implementing voter-ID laws since 2006

: $36,000,000

Number of hours that Texas state lawyers have spent litigating voter-ID laws since 2011

: 12,400

Percentage of Americans who would support testing presidential candidates’ cognitive ability

: 67

Who would support administering drug tests to candidates

: 70

Portion of Americans who think neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump would make a good president

: 1/4