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Portion of American men who believe they will run out of money after retiring

: 2/3

Average minimum salary that U.S. men say they are willing to accept when offered a new job

: $86,259

That U.S. women say they are willing to accept

: $59,543

Portion of Americans who quit their last job who do not regret it

: 3/4

Factor by which the net worth of married couples aged 25 to 34 is greater than that of single households of the same age

: 9

Factor by which this disparity has increased since 2010

: 2

Portion of Americans who plan to buy a home in the event of a housing market crash

: 3/4

Percentage of Gen Z-ers who say they want the housing market to crash so they can purchase a home

: 84

Portion of Gen Z-ers who plan to live at home with relatives long-term

: 3/10

Percentage by which Gen Z-ers are saving more of their income than their parents

: 17

Average cost of an abortion in the United States

: $606

Percentage change this year in American adults who say they are “thriving”

: –14

Who say they are “suffering”

: +100

Portion of Americans who say political divisions have worsened since Joe Biden took office

: 2/3

Who would prefer an alternative to the electoral college system

: 3/5

Percentage of U.S. adults who consume “severely problematic” amounts of news

: 17

Factor by which these individuals are more likely to have a serious mental illness

: 9

By which they are more likely to have a serious physical illness

: 10

Portion of Americans aged 18 to 34 who have at least one chronic health condition

: 1/2

Percentage increase since 2019 in the number of children who are unvaccinated against polio

: 35

Minimum percentage of Facebook and Instagram content that comes from accounts a user does not follow

: 15

Minimum factor by which this is projected to increase next year

: 2

Percentage decrease since 2014 in the number of U.S. teenagers who use Facebook

: 55

Percentage by which black teenagers are more likely than white ones to say they use the internet “almost constantly”

: 51

Percentage change in total sales of smartphones this year

: –8

In sales of smartphones that cost more than $900

: +25

Average age at which parents say they intend to give their child a smartphone

: 13

At which they actually do

: 10

Percentage of the top twenty-five box office hits of 1981 that were sequels, spin-offs, or remakes

: 16

Minimum number of countries in which euthanasia is legal

: 7

Percentage increase last year in deaths by euthanasia in Canada

: 32

Percentage decrease since 2010 in the number of philosophy majors at U.S. colleges

: 14

In the number of English majors

: 33
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