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Increase since 1981 in the median age of first-time U.S. home buyers

: 7

Portion of prospective U.S. home buyers who say they consider climate change when evaluating where to live

: 4/5

Estimated percentage decrease since 2019 in the number of fire lookouts employed in the United States

: 18

Minimum number of residents who moved to Florida’s high flood-risk counties between 2019 and 2022

: 383,680

Percentage of Floridians who have flood insurance

: 18

Portion of Americans earning at least $175,000 per year who consider themselves to be poor or “just getting by”

: 1/4

Who have less than $200,000 in retirement savings

: 1/4

Portion of U.S. families who have less than $100,000 in retirement savings

: 4/5

Percentage increase since 2008 in the number of assets held in non-traditional financial institutions

: 141

Portion of Americans who are able to remain continuously employed through their fifties

: 1/2

Portion of U.S. employees who know what is expected of them at work

: 1/2

Factor by which people who say they are lonely are more likely to miss work than those who say they are not

: 2

Percentage by which married people are more likely than unmarried people to say they are happy

: 9,560

Percentage of American adults under the age of 25 who describe themselves as lonely

: 79

Percentage change since 2020 in the number of U.S. men aged 18 to 29 who are single

: –3

In the number of U.S. women who are single

: +18

Percentage by which single men are more interested in dating than single women

: 31

By which single women are more likely than men to say they can’t find someone who meets their expectations

: 65

Percentage by which U.S. women are more likely than men to have a tattoo

: 41

Portion of U.S. adults with tattoos who regret getting at least one of them

: 1/4

Percentage change since 2019 in employment assessment scores for job seekers younger than 25

: –10

Minimum percentage of U.S. school districts that do not employ librarians

: 35

Percentage of U.S. adults who believe parents are not “tough enough” when disciplining their children

: 64

Percentage increase since 2018 in the number of Americans who believe moderate drinking is bad for one’s health

: 39

In the number of adults aged 18 to 34 who believe this

: 53

Percentage by which non-religious adults are more likely than Christians to believe this

: 34

Percentage change this year in sales of Bud Light

: –16

Factor by which beer imports from Mexico have increased since 2013

: 2

Percentage by which beer imports from other countries have decreased

: 29

Percentage increase in the value of the non-alcoholic beer industry since 2021

: 43

Percentage of U.S. alcohol consumption for which one fifth of the population is responsible

: 53

Of injuries requiring medical attention for which one fifth of the population is responsible

: 78

Percentage of pet owners who, given the choice between saving the life of one person or one dog, would choose the dog

: 21

Who, given the choice between saving the lives of one hundred people or one dog, would choose the dog

: 18

Percentage of Americans who say that a dead relative has communicated with them in the past year

: 15

Who say that they have felt a dead relative’s presence

: 34

That a dead relative has visited them in a dream

: 46
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