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President and Publisher
John R. MacArthur

Editorial Director
Ellen Rosenbush

Managing Editor
Hasan Altaf

Senior Editors
Katia Bachko, Christopher Carroll

Editor Emeritus
Lewis H. Lapham

Washington Editor
Andrew Cockburn

Art Director
Stacey Clarkson James

Poetry Editor
Ben Lerner

Web Editor
Violet Lucca

Associate Editors
Elizabeth Bryant, Joe Kloc, Rachel Poser, Matthew Sherrill

Associate Art Director
Kathryn Humphries

Assistant Editors
Duncan Barile, Matthew Hickey, Stephanie McFeeters, Will Stephenson

Assistant to the Editor
Adrian Kneubuhl

Editorial Interns
Matthew Browne, Whitney Kimball, Victoria Uren

Art Intern
Kate Bowman

Contributing Editors
Andrew J. Bacevich, Kevin Baker, Dan Baum, Tom Bissell, Joshua Cohen, John Crowley, Rivka Galchen, William H. Gass, Gary Greenberg, Jack Hitt, Edward Hoagland, Scott Horton, Frederick Kaufman, Garret Keizer, Mark Kingwell, Walter Kirn, Rafil Kroll-Zaidi, Gideon Lewis-Kraus, Clancy Martin, Duncan Murrell, Vince Passaro, Francine Prose, Christine Smallwood, Zadie Smith, Rebecca Solnit, Matthew Stevenson, John Edgar Wideman, Tom Wolfe

Contributing Artists
Olive Ahyens, Lena Herzog, Aaron Huey, Samuel James, Steve Mumford, Richard Ross, Danijel Žeželj

Vice President and General Manager
Lynn Carlson

Vice President, Circulation
Shawn D. Green

Vice President, Public Relations
Giulia Melucci

Vice President, Advertising
Jocelyn Giannini

Assistant to the Publisher/Rights and Reprints
Virginia L. Navarro

Kim Lau, Senior Accountant
Eve Brant, Office Manager
Courtney Joyal, Marketing Assistant

Advertising Sales
Natalie C. Holly
(212) 420-5760;
Fax: (212) 260-1096

Production & Advertising Services Manager
Marisa Nakasone

Sales Representatives (Chicago)
Tauster Media Resources, Inc.
(630) 858-1558;
Fax: (630) 858-1510

Sales Representatives (Detroit)
Maiorana & Partners, Ltd.
(248) 546-2222
Fax: (248) 546-0019

Sales Representatives (Canada)
JMB Media International
(450) 538-2468
Fax: (450) 538-5468

Website Design
Point Five, NY

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August 2018

Combustion Engines

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There Will Always Be Fires

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The End of Eden

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How to Start a Nuclear War

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