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Estimated portion of the contiguous United States affected by wildfire smoke on July 21, 2021

: 9/10

Percentage increase last year in the sale of vacation homes in the United States

: 16

Percentage of Americans who thought religion was gaining influence in the United States a year ago

: 38

Estimated percentage by which parking demand will decline across the United States by 2050

: 40

Percentage of new chain stores in the United States that are either a Dollar General, Family Dollar, or Dollar Tree

: 39

Percentage by which the frequency of power failures in the United States has increased since 2015

: 146

Percentage of adults worldwide who believe the United States is a “threat to democracy” in their country

: 44

Estimated percentage by which the COVID-19 death toll in the United States exceeds the reported figures

: 55

Minimum number of real estate agents in the United States this spring

: 1,463,806

Number of homes for sale in the United States this spring

: 1,070,000

Percentage decrease in the number of flu cases in the United States this season

: 99

Year in which the United States last saw so great an increase

: 1918

Percentage decrease, in the first half of 2020, in direct foreign investment in the United States

: 61

Portion of those emissions for which the United States is responsible

: 1/4

Estimated amount, in years, of life that has been lost as a result of COVID-19-related deaths in the United States

: 2,500,000

Percentage of Americans who think climate change poses a risk to people living in the United States

: 61

Rank of this percentage among the highest ever recorded in the United States

: 1

That the United States was willing to spend

: $87,000

Amount the United States has received in coronavirus-related humanitarian aid from Lithuania

: $113,690

Average number of times per day the television series Cops aired in the United States this spring

: 9

Minimum number of years for which the United States previously held that distinction

: 59

That the United States will lose even if all Americans’ tourist dollars are spent domestically

: $52,000,000,000

Estimated amount that the United States will lose this year in tourism revenue

: $550,000,000,000

Chance that a Canadian sees the United States as “unfriendly” or “an enemy”

: 1 in 5

Number of National Guard members on active duty in the United States on June 1, 2020

: 66,700

Percentage by which the United States spent more than the second-highest spender

: 70

Percentage of white workers in the United States who can work from home

: 30

Number of new jobs created in the United States since the end of the Great Recession

: 21,275,000

Number of refugees resettled in the United States in October

: 0