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Percentage by which journalists are more likely than the general public to think misinformation is a big problem

: 21

Percentage of new chain stores in the United States that are either a Dollar General, Family Dollar, or Dollar Tree

: 39

Estimated factor by which a professor is more likely than a member of the general public to have a parent with a PhD

: 25

Percentage by which Dollar General’s stock price has increased since the start of the pandemic

: 23

Percentage of civil defendants in U.S. general-jurisdiction courts who had lawyers in 1992

: 95

Of New York City drivers in general

: 36

Who believe that men generally do

: 15

Percentage of those Americans who think women generally have the better approach

: 22

Factor by which graduate students are more likely to experience depression or anxiety than the general population

: 6

Percentage change since 2012 in the number of Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree stores in the United States 

Number of U.S. state attorneys general who have sued the federal government over new climate regulations

Percentage of white and black Americans, respectively, who said in March that race relations were “generally bad”

Number of times that Republican state attorneys general jointly filed lawsuits against the Clinton Administration

Percentage of U.S. death certificates in which the stated cause of death is overly general or medically impossible

Factor by which a member of the general U.S. population is more likely than a U.S. prisoner to self-identify as an atheist