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Who cite their sexual partners

: 32

Who cite their sexual partners

: 17

Percentage of American men aged 18 to 24 who cite pornography as the most useful source of information on how to have sex

: 39

Portion of those single Americans whose sexual partner was a roommate with whom they were not in a relationship

: 1/4

Portion of single Americans who have had sex since the coronavirus pandemic began

: 3/10

Portion of Americans aged 20 to 31 who violated stay-at-home orders in April to have sex

: 1/4

Estimated portion of U.S. heterosexual women who have gone on a date for free food

: 1/4

Factor by which U.S. men are more likely than women to say they are willing to have sex on the first date

: 6

Percentage of U.S. bisexual adults who are in relationships with partners of the opposite sex

: 88

Of U.S. bisexual adults who are

: 1/5

Number of U.S. states with laws permitting the chemical castration of convicted sex offenders

: 8

Portion of Americans who say they’d give up sex for life if they never had to do any more chores

: 1/5

Who say that 2019 was their “best year of sex”

: 44

Percentage of sexually active Americans who say that their “skills in the bedroom” have improved over the past year

: 57

Who believe women have stronger sex drives than men

: 2

Percentage of British adults who believe men have stronger sex drives than women

: 42

Portion of Republicans who say small businesses should be able to refuse services to homosexuals for religious reasons

: 1/2

Percentage of U.S. heterosexual couples who met in 2017 who did so via a dating app

: 38

Rank of Texan among U.S. accents that Americans find sexiest

: 1

By which women are more likely than men to have sexual dreams about a public figure

: 2

Factor by which men are more likely than women to have sexual dreams involving multiple partners

: 2

Percentage of dreams that involve sex

: 8

Factor by which the share of U.S. men under 30 who have not had sex in the past year has increased since 2008

: 3