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Why Vote?

The heroic narrative of modern society has always been that democracy would prevail in the end. We believe that democracy somehow has an infinite resilience, that it is a bottomless…

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The Changeling

Who knows but that, on the lower frequencies, he speaks for me, for you, for all of us? An educated, intelligent man, he is the very model of the roommate…

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Welcome to Free Syria

Abu Malek was pacing back and forth in the hospital parking lot, muttering to himself and firing off phone calls. “Don’t say ‘How are you’ to me,” he told one…

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Citizen Walmart

One of the things I like about Walmart is that pretty much the nearest neighbor to its Home Office, which is to say the nearest neighbor to the world headquarters…

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Broken Heartland

For me the Great Plains have a releasing effect. . . . Human effort is seen there in all its pitiful futility. — Thomas Hart Benton   Late one afternoon in the winter…

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The Last Tower

Forty years ago, when U.S. cities began abandoning high-rise public housing, blasting crews would fill a tower with explosives and in a few monumental booms all would be reduced to…

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Epiphanius began to interrogate the Blessed One and said: “Tell me, please, how and when the end of this world shall occur? What are the beginnings of the throes? And…

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Two of the most significant public events of our time have been graced by the presence of gospel singers. The first was the 1963 March on Washington, at which Mahalia…

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It’s a Rich Man’s World

While visiting Kansas City last December, I read a local newspaper story lamenting the gradual transformation of Missouri into a reliably Republican citadel—a red state, as we like to say.…

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Ivan the Recumbent, or Demjanjuk in Munich

NOVEMBER 30, 2009 At 7:00 a.m. the city is quiet, the sky still dark, but the plaza in the Nymphenburger Straße teems with TV and radio trucks, their generators humming.…

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