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Witness at El Playón

Photography from El Salvador’s heart of darkness

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Tumult of the limbs

Is it true the bourgeoisie had more fun?

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Biting the invisible hand

Lester Thurow and four economic theories in search of reality

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Dark dark dark

Heavy weather in Joseph Conrad's letters

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Dictated but not read

It's wonderful being William Buckley, but it doesn't leave you time to write

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Fort Bragg’s Mr. Hyde

One night, wholesome, hardworking Capt. Jeffrey MacDonald turned into a murderer

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Stalking Dr. Kissinger

Seymour Hersh collected a mountain of damning evidence, but he let his man escape

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Poetize or bust

Poetry isn't what it used to be, but then it never was

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Lives of the saints

All celibate, vegetarian, utopian pacifists are not alike--cf., Tolstoy and Gandhi

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Advanced sociobiology

The latest fashions in thinking about your genes

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The policy peddlers

The Kennedy School of Government versus the Harvard Business School on how to save the economy

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Wisdom of the tribe

Why proverbs are better than aphorisms

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The landscape of Alberto Moravia

He used the techniques of the nineteenth-century novel to expose the twentieth-century disease

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Post-feminist fantasies

Recent scholarship is creating new myths about men and women

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African queen

Isak Dinesen merged her life and art into a romantic melodrama

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This review is about what

It's about three pages and 518 hairs

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Working-class Savior

The man who believed socialism was “merely Christianity in action”

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Nuclear bookshelf

A spring bouquet of books about the unthinkable

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Have conscience, will travel

For a social critic of Israel, Jacobo Timerman knows a lot about Argentina

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The gracehoper and the aunts

The legacy of Cyril Connolly, literature's greatest enthusiast

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Classics by the pound

The first four volumes in the Library of America are designed to sit on your bookshelf forever

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