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Capitalism Observed

The soul of a new dessert

On the cutting edge of pudding technology

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John Naisbitt’s clip joint

There's a Megatrends reader born every minute

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Meet me in St. Louis

The people people have a convention convention

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The making of Laura Branigan

Otherwise known as "The Tragedy of Sid Bernstein"

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The littlest arms race

Hasbro welcomes the new interest in a strong defense as much as Boeing does

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The board game

Why celebrity has-beens love serving as corporate directors, and why management loves having them

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Those who can’t, consult

Why do experienced executives pay millions for the advice of young punks who've never run anything?

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King of the chews

Present at the creation of a forty-cent status symbol

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Rich doctors, poor nurses

Testing our notions about a fair day's pay

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Make mine moink

Plate coverage, mouth feel, and other ingredients of modern restaurant management

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Lawn order

Call in the high-tech horticulturists, or it's all over for your grass

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Pinstripes & lunchpails

Most Wall Street investment advisers now work for workers' pension funds--and they aren't earning their keep

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