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Wait till you see me dance

I know when people will die. I meet them, I can look into their faces and see if they have long to last. It’s like having a knack for math…

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The Santosbrazzi Killer

My trip of January 17—one of my monthly visitations to a Cincinnati-based subsidiary research outfit, during which I spend two days observing the general activities of the subsidiary outfit, filling…

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White-Bread Jesus

When that bully Cavanaugh rises in the middle of the opening prayer like a self-righteous Sadducee, shouldered round by all his fawning scribes and elders, to silence Reverend Wesley Edwards…

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The Botch

The idea is to tap into the old traditions, guns waving, eyes behind balaclavas—just one more bank heist breaking the tedium of an Ohio afternoon, leaving nothing but bewilderment, the…

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September 2009

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