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21st century

The Immunity Doctrine

Can officials be held liable for the suffering they inflict?

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Safety in Numbers

The mathematics of predicting war

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Conspiratorial thinking about the neoliberal status quo was tied to paranormal and authoritarian beliefs, but the lay economic theory of Conspiracy is generally less prevalent than that of the Bad…

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Facing the Furies

In 1979, a catchy Kenny Rogers song called “Coward of the County” made it to the top of the country charts. It’s about a man named Tommy, whose father, a…

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The New Climate

By Bruno Latour, from The Great Regression, a collection of essays edited by Heinrich Geiselberger that will be published next month by Polity. Latour is a philosopher and the author, most…

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From a test given to applicants for the position of emoji translator at Today Translations, a language company based in London. The job description, which was posted in December, asks…

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Baby Boomers

From a transcript of radio transmissions and cockpit conversations that took place during a drone strike in Afghanistan in 2010. The strike killed twenty-three civilians. At Nevada headquarters, Pilot is…

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May 2017

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