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American national characteristics

Chew Your Own Adventure

From Letter to the Americans, which was written in 1949 after a visit to New York City. It will be published for the first time in English this month by…

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Buy the Numbers

From Trapped in the Present Tense, which will be published next month by Counterpoint Press. It’s possible to construct a statistical mosaic of American life out of the 332 million…

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Town of C

Richard Rothman has gone looking for that obvious yet elusive thing: the American character. Like generations of photographers before him, Rothman is interested in how that character has been shaped…

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“Nationalism” is rapidly overtaking even “populism” as a foremost political bogeyman. Yet progressives will often still embrace “pa­tri­ot­ism.” The elevation of the last term is meant to deflect Trump-­style accusations…

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October 2019

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