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Mostpeople’s Poet

Is E. E. Cummings a serious writer?

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New Books

It is inevitable that some readers will take from Evelyn Barish’s biography of the life and misdeeds of Paul de Man the notion that literary theory is a crock. The title…

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Tunnel Vision

Will the Air Force kill its most effective weapon?

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Bad Romance

One genre and a billion happy endings

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Changing Partners

Can Hassan Rohani end the Iranian impasse?

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A Very Perfect Instrument

The ferocity and failure of America’s sanctions apparatus

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A Different Kind of Father

By Jonathan Franzen, from a footnote to his translation of “Nestroy and Posterity,” a 1912 essay by the Austrian satirist, playwright, poet, aphorist, and critic Karl Kraus (1874–1936). In the…

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Last Request

From emails exchanged by employees of the U.S. State Department, an anonymous Iraqi man known here by the pseudonym Omar, and Omar’s brother. In 2011, Omar, who had worked as…

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September 2013

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