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Art Spiegelman

America’s Peculiar Political Correctness

“I don’t see how you can properly cover a news story without showing the reader or viewer one of the key elements that made the story a story ”

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The Art of Outrage

We defend Charlie Hebdo’s right to publish its cartoons—and our right to critique them.

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Time Out of Joint In Richard McGuire’s Here

“One learns about the characters the way a machine would, by analyzing discrete moments of their lives, like a search engine combing for patterns.”

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On Archer’s Underground Comix Roots

How underground comic books helped give rise to Archer

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Never, Again

From letters rejecting Art Spiegelman’s Maus, sent by editors at publishing houses to his agent in 1983. MetaMaus, a collection of interviews and documents about the development and publication of…

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A Roller Coaster, Dropping

Lynd Ward’s Depression visions

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April 2011

“An unexpectedly excellent magazine that stands out amid a homogenized media landscape.” —the New York Times
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