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Minor Threat

MLB puts the farm system out to pasture

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Pulpit Bullies

From a statement made via Zoom by Father Tim Hazelwood, a spokesman for the Association of Catholic Priests, which is based in Ireland, during the organization’s annual meeting last October.…

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Madagascar reckons with an invasive crayfish

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The Silenced Majority

Can America still afford democracy?

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Our Sanitizer Saga

Magic, marketing, and missteps on the road to virucidal totality Read More

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Whine On You Crazy Diamond

From remarks made in July by Russ Diamond, a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. I feel that I must personally respond to the incidents of hate and intolerance…

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Deep Space 19

From “Origin of new emergent Coronavirus and Candida fungal diseases—Terrestrial or cosmic?,” which was published in July by Advances in Genetics. Claims that certain pathogens have extraterrestrial origins have been…

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America’s Game

The art, violence, mystery, and failure of the XFL Read More

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Call Me by Your Pain

From first names given to babies born around the world during the early months of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Corona Corona Kumar Corona Kumari Covid Covid Marie Covid Rose Coviduvidapdap…

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