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Bugging Out

From comments about the fall 2023 bedbug outbreak in Paris, as recorded in news reports. Having bedbugs is no laughing matter. No one is safe. Bedbugs do not rest. They…

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The Discreet Eminence

On the enduring legacy of Marshal Pétain

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French Lessons

The optimists went to the gas chambers (or so it’s been said). The pessimists went to America. The collabos went to Maxim’s (for steak). The orphans went to the country…

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Permanent Pandemic

Will COVID controls keep controlling us?

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Bond Market

From “License to Dine: 007 and the Real Exchange Rate,” a working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research, which compares the evolution of James Bond’s salary with that…

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Under the Surface

One morning in September, a dapper Frenchman seated next to me in the garden of the Château de Tocqueville gestured solemnly at the front page of Le Monde, the house…

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Flesh and Blood

From The Dawn of Everything, which will be published this month by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. In the mid-twentieth century, a British anthropologist named A. M. Hocart proposed that monarchs…

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Diary of a Country’s Priest

From Je vous pardonne tous vos péchés, a collection of French priests’ observations about the sacrament of confession. The book was published in March by Éditions de l’Opportun. The following…

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Lemon Zest

One town’s oversized festival of fruit manufactures its terroir and merchandising opportunities

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