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Great Britain

Bond Market

From “License to Dine: 007 and the Real Exchange Rate,” a working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research, which compares the evolution of James Bond’s salary with that…

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Keeping Up with the Johnsons

Boris and Carrie spiff up Downing Street

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The Silenced Majority

Can America still afford democracy?

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“Nationalism” is rapidly overtaking even “populism” as a foremost political bogeyman. Yet progressives will often still embrace “pa­tri­ot­ism.” The elevation of the last term is meant to deflect Trump-­style accusations…

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Left of Europe

From an interview with Neil Davidson published in the Summer 2019 issue of New Politics. Davidson teaches at the University of Glasgow. His most recent book, We Cannot Escape History,…

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Straight Talk Express

From an interview given to talkRADIO on June 25 by Boris Johnson, a former mayor of London and current British M.P. who, at the time of publication, was considered a…

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Is Poverty Necessary?

Who generates value in the modern economy, and who should benefit?

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Remote Control

From a radio interview, by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, of the Israeli-British psychic Uri Geller, who published an open letter informing the British prime minister, Theresa May, that he would…

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June 2019

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