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Highly Ineffective People

From the Simple Sabotage Field Manual, published in 1944 by the U.S. Office of Strategic Services. The manual, which was declassified in 2008, was intended for distribution to citizens of enemy…

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Good Plain English

The problem with writing manuals

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Is Paris Bathing?

From 112 Gripes About the French, a 1945 handbook for American soldiers in occupied France, edited and republished this month by the Bodleian Library.

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High-Low, High-Low

From Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress: Learn to Play the Most Complex Video Game Ever Made, by Peter Tyson, published last year by O’Reilly Media, Inc. When a “strange mood”…

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Everyone’s Gone Nuts

The exaggerated threat of food allergies

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Touchy Topics in the Gulf

From “Customs and Culture,” a chapter in the troop-information pamphlet distributed by the U.S. Central Command to all U.S. armed forces in Saudi Arabia. Soldiers are encouraged to keep this…

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The Nazi Primer

Excerpts from the standard textbook of the Hitler Youth

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