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No Vacancy

Can empty houses help solve homelessness?

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Rags to Reichstag

From a speech given by the Tennessee state senator in April during a debate on a bill to make camping along highways a misdemeanor. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I haven’t…

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Haleiwa, Hawaii

When people in Hawaii first learned of North Korea’s latest threat — that it might soon launch a preemptive strike that could obliterate our lovely islands with a nuclear bomb…

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Eddie and Lindsay

Remembering a homeless couple shot in San Francisco's Mission District

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Division Street

Chances are that you are living the good life, at least in the most fundamental sense. You have the liberty to leave your home and the security of a home…

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In the Wilderness

Robert Gumpert discusses "Division Street," his photo essay on homelessness in San Francisco, which was published in the October issue of Harper's Magazine

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September 2001

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