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Ad Astra

The coming battle over space

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Bent Notes

From Finding the Raga, which was published last month by New York Review Books. 1. What is a raga? To answer this question we must first acquire a sense of…

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Valley of Unrest

India’s unending occupation of Kashmir

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Paradigm Grift

From claims made to an audience of children by speakers at the 106th Indian Science Congress, held in Phagwara in January. The statements were subsequently condemned by thirty-seven of the…

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Tipping Point

In Jharkhand, women take on the timber mafia

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A Template for Hate

Polarized politics and mainstream intolerance

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The Great Divide

Traveling by rail through India’s disputed north

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It Ain’t Me, Babe

From actions committed by women that were cited as constituting “mental cruelty” against their husbands in divorce cases in India since 2014. Mental cruelty is grounds for divorce under the…

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May 2017

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