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“I am Here Only for Working”

Conversations with the petroleum brotherhood in the UAE

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A Sport and a Passport

From an interview conducted by Swiss authorities with Fulden Funda Yilmaz, a woman who was born to Turkish parents in Switzerland. Yilmaz applied for citizenship earlier this year, passed the…

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Forty Questions

By Valeria Luiselli, from Tell Me How It Ends, which was published in April by Coffee House Press. Luiselli is a novelist and essayist. Her article “Terrorist and Alien” appeared in…

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The Revolution Began

From We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled, a collection of interviews with Syrian refugees that were conducted and edited by Wendy Pearlman between 2012 and 2016. The book was…

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Filial Poetry

From an interview conducted by Stephen Braitman with Allen Ginsberg and his father, Louis Ginsberg, in 1974. The interview is included in First Thought, a collection of conversations with Allen…

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Destroyer of Words

From an interview with the philosopher George Steiner that was conducted in 2014 by Laure Adler, a journalist. The interview appears in A Long Saturday, which will be published in…

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Prose by Any Other Name

From interviews conducted by journalists and readers with Elena Ferrante since 2003. The correspondence is included in Frantumaglia, a collection of Ferrante’s papers that was published last month by Europa…

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Amo Ergo Sum

From a conversation with Bina48, a robot that was created by Hanson Robotics for Martine Rothblatt, the CEO of United Therapeutics, as a clone of her wife, Bina Rothblatt. The…

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This is Not a Painter

From a conversation between André Gomez and René Magritte, a Surrealist painter. The interview was conducted in Paris in 1948 for the Radio Suisse Romande and collected in René Magritte:…

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September 2016

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