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From an account told to Witold Szabłowski by Abu Ali, a former cook for Saddam Hussein. The story is included in Szabłowski’s book How to Feed a Dictator: Saddam Hussein,…

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The Vanishing

The plight of Christians in an age of intolerance

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The End of Eden

Climate change comes to the cradle of civilization

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All the Last Wars

Around the world with the Goya of conflict photography

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Dressed to Kill

Jared Kushner goes to Iraq

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The Trouble with Defectors

What informants taught an intelligence officer

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Escape from The Caliphate

Rescuing and ransoming Christian hostages in Iraq

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Disunified Front

The chaotic, underfunded battle against the Islamic State

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Divide and Conquer

From a mathematics textbook for children between six and twelve years old, published by the Islamic State’s ministry of education. The Islamic State distributed copies of the textbook to schools…

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January 2016

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