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Islamic State

Introducing the February Issue

Charles Glass, James Harkin, Eileen Myles, Joseph O'Neill, and more.

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Divide and Conquer

Sample problems from a mathematics textbook for children between six and twelve years old, published by the Islamic State’s ministry of education.

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Something to Cry About

"I was confident the French weren’t going to follow the bad example from overseas and start a 'war on terror' à l’américaine. But November 13 changed the equation."

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Last Interview With First Brit to Perform Suicide Bombing

Suicide bomber Abu Sumayyah, who killed himself and eight others in Iraq, gave his final print interview to Harper's

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A purposeless, symbolic war

“Since World War II, very little that could be called genuinely humanitarian has resulted from American military intervention—not in Korea, certainly not in Vietnam, and not in Panama, Afghanistan, or the two Iraq wars and Libya.”

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Marooned at the Mall

Iraq’s forgotten Christians in Kurdish exile

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