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Man-woman relationships

Some Deaths Before Dying

From “How to Be Married,” an essay in the collection How to Be Normal, which will be published next month by Belt Publishing. For some of us, there’s a season…

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Chamber of Secrets

During her time working as a chambermaid at a Venetian hotel in 1981, Calle took photographs of the rooms she was assigned to clean. The Hotel, which includes her observations…

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Breaking Points

From “Romance Without Love, Love Without Romance,” which was published in the Spring 2021 issue of Liberties. I have only ever had one friend as crazy as I am. Once,…

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Hard Pill to Swallow

From an appeal in a lawsuit against Costco, filed in the Arizona Supreme Court in March. Greg Shepherd visited his physician for a checkup and a refill of his usual…

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Male Practice

From a conversation on Facebook that was published in a January opinion of the Tennessee Supreme Court. The court suspended Winston Sitton from practicing law for four years for making…

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Ionic Pixie Dreamboy

From passages of letters included in Love, Kurt, a collection of messages written between 1941 and 1945 by Vonnegut to his girlfriend Jane, whom he married in 1945, which was…

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Rally of the Dolls

From guidelines for women presented in a series of infographics issued by the Malaysian government in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Translated from the Malay. Create a temporary workstation…

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Carrying On

My first years in America

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Regarding the Pen of Others

By Benjamin Moser, from Sontag: Her Life and Work, which will be published by Ecco this month. “In the Freudian conception,” wrote one author, “as it gradually emerged through these…

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