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Military leadership

Everyman’s War

The paramilitary fighters training to keep Russia out of the Baltics

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W.W.E. the People

By Naomi Klein, from No Is Not Enough, which was published in June by Haymarket Books. Klein is the author of The Shock Doctrine, among other books.

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Blast from the Past

The Battle of Waterloo turns 200

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What Went Wrong

Assessing Obama’s legacy

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Washington Is Burning

Two centuries of racial tribulation in the nation’s capital

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Armed and Dangerous

The inexorable rise of American militarism

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Brush with History

From a June 7, 1923, letter sent to the personal secretary of Leon Trotsky, then Russian minister of defense, by the Nestle Laboratory for Hair Research in New York City,…

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A Letter to Paul Wolfowitz

Occasioned by the tenth anniversary of the Iraq war

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March 2013

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